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shallow part

Depth: 35 - 40 feet

Fantastic. Cozumel’s most memorable reefs. The Gardens are a bit shallow common spot for sighting turtles, snappers, angelfish, bermuda chub, rays, jacks and triggerfish.


Large caverns and underwater highways. Palancar Horseshoe packed with series of giant coral heads, a wall dive, the slopes of snowy white sand slide off into the deep blue resembling a ski slope. Palancar Caves with abundant marine life Palancar Bricks,  is just the beginning of an almost three mile stretch of caves, canyons, overhangs and gardens. Coral ravines, narrow crevices.

La Francesa

Depth: 40 - 80 feet.

A good variety of multicolores sponges and gorgonians.


Shallow reef strip

Santa Rosa Wall

Depth: 50 - thounsands feet.

Usually excellent with parrotfish, massive richly colored sponges, giant sea fans, bright orange tube sponges, and gorgons.


The wall drops off to infinity. This expansive reef is filled with huge coral mounds. Currents sometimes run strong here.

Paseo Del Cedral

Depth: 40 - 60 feet.

Lots of grunts, snappers, porkfish and probably also find lobster, scorpionfish, crabs,  green moray eels. Excellent photos.


Currents are generally moderate to strong, spectacular caverns and tunnels. 

It is one of those dives you will not soon forget. Great for a second dive.

Punta Dalila

Depth: 30 - 60 feet.

Good variety of corals and sponges. Great for photos.


Shallow reef with usually mild currents.


Depth: 30 feet.

A colorful array of massive coral pillars, caves and tunnels, home to colorful fish, sponges, blue tang, eagle rays, turles and large barracuda. Shallows perfect for photographers. 


Impressive drop-off with huge coral pinnacles, most over 90 feet, marked with caves, tunnels and caverns.


Depth: 35 - 80 feet.

Groupers, moray eels, barracudas, spotted filefish, coral pinnacles covered with sea fans, gorgonains and sea whips, coral & sponge snappers, grunts and margates.


Rich variety of fish and more than a thousand coral formations. Currents can sometimes be swift. This is a great second dive, especially if you’re taking pictures or video.


Depth: 18 - 20 feet.

Teeming with schools of colorful tropical reef fish, lots of juvenile fish and anemones.


Mild currents and great visibility. Excellent shallow reef area.

San Francisco

Depth: 40 - 120 feet.

Excellent visibility, spectacular coral and brightly colored sponges, the fish variety is fantastic, known to be popular for sighting of sharks.


The shallowest wall dive in Cozumel, vertical wall, tunnels with a sandy platform, currents are generally strong great for photograph.


Depth: 30 - 70 feet.

Large coral mounds, sponges, small black coral trees, gorgonians, sea fans, scorpionfish, feather duster worms and flamingo tounge.


Good location for night diving, the reef lies several hundred yards offshore near Chankanaab Lagoon. The site is great for macro-photography.

Las Palmas

Depth: Wall starts at  40 feet.

Spounges, gorgonians, lobster, crab, golden tail eels, spotted morays, puffer fish and many parrot fish.


Shalows, one of the best spolts.


Depth: 30 - 60 feet.

Teeming with marine life, famous for its maray eels, angel fish, groups, snapper, grunts, margate, corals, bright colored sponges, seafans and friendly fishes.


The currents can be swift, you can relax and enjoy the ride, one of the best locations for underwater photography a great reef for the second dive.


Depth: 18 - 50 feet.

Excellent visibility, varied coral and abundant marine life, crabs, lobsters, brain corals, seafans, sponges, gorgonians, star corals and after sun sets; clinging crabs, octopus and spotted moray eels.


Currrent Moderate, small caves and tunnels, this is actually two reefs:

Paraiso North near the shore, shallow depth (30’) and slow currents, a great place for beginners. Paradise South a bit deeper.

Villa Blanca

Depth starts at 35 feet.

Huge abounding sponges, many golden-tail eels, green moray, squirrel fish, sea fans, parrot fish, spiny urchin, juvenile trunkfish and brittle starfish.


Shalows and walls

Tunich Wall

Depth: 35 - 80  feet.

Friendly groupers, often tourtles hide in the seagrass.


Vibrant colorful reef.


Advanced to Expert Divers ** Special dives

** For this sites, divers must be evaluated by the DM´s with buoyancy, air consumption, control, etc.  The DM´s could determinate if the divers can go or not on the advanced profile regardless  of the level of certification of each diver.  For these trips you must add $11 usd over the regular rate, minimum of 5 divers.

Chun Chacaab

Depth: 60 - 80  feet.

Excellent variety of sponges and sea fans.


Easy to spot larger pelagics.

Wreck Xicotencatl

Depth: 45 - 75  feet.

The vessel is 184 feet long ¬ 33 feet wide, with 4 decks. Individual eco systems overtaking separate rooms


Depth: 60 - 120  feet.

Gray and black tipped reef sharks, large groupers, barracudas and jacks


Lush and huge heads of coral.

Punta Sur

Depth: 18 - 30  feet.

Eagle rays and turtles., home of the widely acclaimed Devil´s throat.


Off the south point of the island is one of the worlds most spectacular dive sites., little cathedral and cathedral.

This advanced dive begins at depths of 90’ and drops to the abyss. Much of your time can be spent inside the reef, exploring the many caves, caverns and overhangs that make up this magnificent site.


Depth: 70 - 90  feet.

Abundant sea life with tourtles, schools of jacks, ocean triggers and rainbow fish.


Mountainous coral ridges with peaks, especially treacherous

San Juan

Depth: 35 - 70  feet.

Finger corals, sponges.


Hills of finger corals and big barrel sponges, Difficult to dive if ciurrent is running fast.

Las Aguilas

Depth from 40 to 90 feet stop in the abyss

Sponges , soft coral amidst a large sand bank, You can see nurse shark, rays, turtles other large fishes.

Description: Strong current.



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