Scuba Diving Classes in Cozumel

Discover Scuba Diving

$110 USD


* 4 hours course

* Starts at 12:00 pm

* 4 Students per instructor

This course is commonly known as the resort course. Allows the student to experience diving in a controlled environment it is ideal for those individuals who are not sure they want to take the complete certification course to try scuba diving and see if they like it. 


Consisting of:

  • Explanation of do's and don'ts.

  • Shallow water work from the beach to learn the very basic water skills.

  • f the student is comfortable, they join a boat trip to Paradise reef, maximum 40 ft. deep, to finish the tank with the instructor. It is a very good value with the boat dive.



  • All scuba equipment.

  • Boat trip,

  • Materials.



The resort (introduction) course does not enable the diver to join the normal boat trips offered at Aqua Safari. Until certified you are limited to diving to 40 feet under the supervision of a certified scuba instructor.

PADI Open Water Certification

$490 USD


* 4 days minimum

* Starts at 8:30 am.

* 4 Students per Instructor

Plan to spend about 4 hours with the instructor daily, and you will need to read the manual on your own time. 


Consisting of:

  • Each day consists of both theory and two beach dives.

  • Quizzes,

  • Final written exam. 



  • All scuba equipment

  • Textbook and tables.

  • Logbook and certification fees.

  • Materials are yours to keep



Though we cannot guarantee certification, the instructors will work with students needing extra attention for a reasonable extended period after the 4 days to successfully complete certification.   If for some reason (ear problems, illness etc.) a student is unable to complete the course, we will reimburse a portion of the course according to the amount of time student and instructor have been working.


Note: Following your certification course, you can use your scuba gear for 2 days on a boat trip with Aqua Safari. You pay only for the boat trip.

Advanced Scuba Certification

$400 USD


* 2 days

* Starts at 8:30 am.

* 4 Students per Instructor

The core dives included in the advanced course are navigation and deep dives.


3 elective dives available, together with your instructor you decide which electives you would like to take:

  • Peak performance buoyancy

  • Night

  • Search and recovery

  • Drift

  • Photography.

  • Underwater naturalist

  • Boat diver.



  • One day of beach diving

  • One day of boat diving. (If you prefer to do both days of your advanced course from the boat, add another $79.00 US to the cost of the course).



The advanced course does not include equipment.

Open Water Training Dives
(Student Referral)
$300 USD *

* 2 days

* Starts at 8:30 am

* 4 Students per Instructor

This is for PADI / NAUI / NASDS / SSI universal referrals; meaning you did the academic portion and confined water dives prior to Cozumel arrival.


Consisting of:

  • The training dives take 2 days; they cannot all four be done in one day.

  • All training dives are done from the beach.

  • Students must bring a current student referral form, copy of medical filled out when applying for the course, dive tables.

  • A logbook is also needed.



  • Scuba equipment if needed.



* For PADI & NAUI certification, consider an additional charge of $30.00 US for the certification envelope if the student does not bring one.

Refresher Course

$83 USD


* 4 hours

* Starts at 12:00 pm

Recommended for rusty, nervous and new divers.



  • Equipment if needed.


Consisting of:

  • Review of the theory

  • Beach dive where the instructor will review water exercises and determine correct buoyancy.


Continuing Education


$450 USD


* 3 days

Learn to first rescue yourself and also to assist others.


There are 12 scenarios to enact which are as much fun as they are educational.


This course can be scheduled so as not to interfere with your boat diving.



  • Current CPR certificate (Medic First Aid fulfills this requirement),

  • Advanced or Jr. Advanced or equivalent certification.


Manual included.

Emergency First Response

$200 USD

* 5 hourss

First aid and CPR course.

Know what to do when no one else does!

Can be scheduled not to interfere with your boat diving.


Materials not included.


Specialty Courses

Multilevel Diver

$250 USD


* 1 day

Develop your knowledge of theories behind the dive tables, dive computers and multilevel diving.


This course will enable a student to plan and organize safe, multilevel, no-decompression dives with RDP.

The Wheel or modern dive computers.



  • Open Water or equivalent.



  • 1 two tank boat dive

Night Diver

$250 USD

* 2-3 nights

Learn the skills necessary to make night diving enjoyable.

Witness the changes in creatures' lives after the sun sets.



  • Open Water, Jr. Open Water or equivalent.



  • 3 Dives from shore in two days



3 dives by boat, student must pay the additional fee of the boat dives.

Peak Performance Bouyancy

$250 USD

* 1 day

Dive effortlessly, extending your bottom time through reduced air consumption.

You will have more opportunity for positive interaction with aquatic life and you'll help preserve fragile underwater environments.



  • Open Water, Jr. Open Water or equivalent.



  • 2 shore dives

Search and Recovery

$280 USD

* 2 days

Learn a variety of search patterns and techniques which will allow you to locate objects and recover them using light salvage techniques.



  • Advanced Open water

  • 15 years of age.



  • 4 beach dives in two days.

Boat Diver

$300 USD


* 1 day

Increase knowledge of dive boats, proper boat diving etiquette, personal conduct and basic boat terminology.

Develop ability to perform boat diving skills: entries, exits, use of emergency equipment.



Open Water, Jr. Open Water or equivalent.



1 two tank boat dive

Deep Diver

$400 USD

* 2 days

The goal of this course is to develop your theoretical knowledge of deep diving and increase your diving skills and awareness. Experience the effects of nitrogen narcosis under instructor supervision.



  • Advanced Open Water or equivalent.



  • 2 two-tank boat dives

Drift Diver

$250 USD

* 1 day

Cozumel is the drift diving capital of the world. Develop your practical knowledge of drift diving procedures and increase your diving skills while gaining additional supervised experience.



  • Open Water certification or equivalent.



  • 1 two-tank boat dive

Underwater Naturalist

$250 USD

* 1 day

Develops your knowledge and familiarity with aquatic plants and animals and how to interact responsibly and safely with them.

Dispels myths and misconceptions about potentially dangerous aquatic life and helps develop a conservation and preservation ethic.



  • Open Water, Jr. Open Water or equivalent.



  • 2 Shore dives

Underwater Navigator

$250 USD

* 2 days

Develop your practical knowledge of underwater navigation and increase your skills in planning, organizing and executing dives. Avoid long surface swims and increase your enjoyment and sense of security.



  • Open Water, Jr. Open Water or equivalent.


Enriched Air Nitrox Course

$250 USD

* 4 to 6 hours

The PADI Nitrox Certification course was recently made simpler, easier and hence less expensive; you no longer have to dive your first two Nitrox tanks under the supervision of an instructor.


In a classroom session you will learn to use, label and analyze enriched air mixtures.



  • PADI Nitrox crew pack containing text, and Nitrox tables.

  • If you then choose to use Nitrox on your boat dives with Aqua Safari, your first two Nitrox tanks are "on the house".

Underwater Photographer

$200 USD

* 1 day


  • Certified Open Water diver.

  • Must have or rent underwater camera with film



  • Two shore dives in one day

Professional Certifications


$1,100 USD

* 1 week minimum (about 50 hours)

Candidates will work with the instructor every day in class and water sessions and boat dives assisting with students during training.

This is the first leadership level in PADI.

Learn to assist instructors with students and guide certified divers on tours.



  • 60 logged dives

  • Certified as rescue diver

  • Emergency first response



  • Many beach dives

  • 2 days of boat diving

  • Divemaster crewpak.


Candidates will need the instructor manual which may be purchased for an additional $79.00 US.

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